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How to register and why you should do this

There are many different reasons and benefits in why someone should register on Santorini-net.com(link). Registering on this website offers you the ability to register as well on our newsletters’ list so you will stay accurately and timely informed on every new offer and information about the island all year round. The process of registering on Santorini-net.com(link) is a very easy and direct one since we only ask for a username and a valid email address. After the successful registration, you will receive an informative email at the given address, containing your registration data and a temporary password of one time usage. When you click on the link found in this email, you will be redirected to the “change password” page where you will insert your own password to be used from there on. According to the privacy statement of Santorini-net.com(link), no password is stored at any time in our database, so if you ever lose or forget yours we cannot give it to you and you will have to pick you own again. The registered users of this website may create their own photo albums and upload their photos for publishing. They can also comment on reviews and photos and publish reviews according to their experiences of their trips to Santorini, for hotels, restaurants, beaches etc. These will be available under the “Your stories” section.

Apart for the benefits mentioned above, there are plenty of good and profitable reasons why anyone who owns any type of business on Santorini should also register. There’s a constant need of businesses to be promoted on the web so the visitors can easily locate them and find information about them. We offer this type of promotion via our business directory. With the minimum annual cost, you can buy our Premium ad package which contains all the functions and benefits in order to promote your business worldwide through our web site. In addition to the Premium ad package, there is the Featured ad package, with which you can gain other promotional aspects, on top of the ones of the Premium. If you are interested in starting to promote your business right away, go to section: Free business listing.