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Santorini Nightlife

Santorini is a cosmopolitan island with active and interesting nightlife. The entertainment options are many, starting with cafes, taverns and restaurants in the evening, but when the night comes, the famous Santorini nighlife takes place. There are so many and so diverse bars and clubs, that can cover all tastes and all ages. Fira is the centre of nightlife in the island, with the most bars and clubs around the main square of the town, which are packed until the sun comes up. The dance here is frenzy under the sounds of dance music chosen by known DJs and the shots are generously served creating an atmosphere of fun and entertainment. Both Greek and international A-list celebrities are often sighted here.

Nightlife in Santorini

Tango Bar

Tango, is located in the caldera of Fira, a bar of unique beauty that offers you glamour, fun, breathtaking views to the caldera while tasting fresh fruit or sparkling cocktails. Here you can organize your pre-wedding party or friend gathering ...


+30 697 449 8206

Koo club

Koo club is located in Fira the capital of Santorini island. It is the biggest club on the island and apart from the luxurious indoor dancefloor has the greatest outdoor patio among the bars and clubs on the island. The outdoor place has three ...



Casablanca Soul Bar

Casablanca Soul Bar is located in Fira, 80 meters from the central square. It is a cocktail & absinth music bar that serves some finger food too. You can enjoy exotic cocktails but most of all you will enjoy the music played by the famous ...



Enigma club

Established in 1979, Enigma club is one of the oldest clubs in Santorini island. It is located only 50 meters north from the main square in Fira. Apart from the three rooms air conditioned hall, Enigma has an outdoor place too. All these years it is




Lioyerma is a great music bar in Oia Santorini.