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Home page

The upper horizontal black menu bar is the one with the user tools. From there you can change language, login or register in order to gain access to our features for registered users. In addition, there are also the links for free business listing, create photo album, add event and add offer. The latter two are available only to the users that have bought the Featured ad package. The creation of photo album is available to all registered users.

On the upper right side you may find the links to the main categories of the business catalog and also the link “About Santorini” in which you can locate generic and useful information about the island. Right beneath these links the “Search” functionality is located, where you can type any word or phrase and display the relevant sorted results. In case there’s a typo in your keyword or phrase, the application will display the keyword or phrase you probably meant to insert. Every result displayed is followed by the timestamp of its last update, the sum of comments made to it and relevant attachments (if any). Your searches can be performed for all pages (articles & catalog) or separately for the business catalog or the articles alone. The results to be displayed can refer to the content, the locations or the users.

On the home page, there is also the weather functionality, referring to the current weather on Santorini (Celsium degrees, humidity, winds)

Up on the left you will find the booking functionality. You can choose to insert the arrival / departure dates and the desired area. By doing so, you will get instantly informed on the availability, the accommodation features and the prices, according to your search criteria from booking.com, one of the most well-known and valid network for hotel reservations worldwide. Alternatively, you can insert no data in the fields and click “search” in a blank form so the application will display the total amount of the available accommodation. Santorini-net.com(link) chose booking.com as its partner for the accommodation reservations aiming to satisfy in full the needs of its customers. Booking.com, for many years now, is a network of thousands of hotels with a wide variety of prices.
In the center of the home page you will find our selection of photos of the island, connected to relevant articles. The next box, down to the left, is the map. It is an interactive map and you may click on its points and read the information provided according to your selection. If you click on the (+) sign you can choose which points’ categories will be displayed in the map (museums, towns, beaches etc).

Next to the map, there are the “Things to do” and “Latest news” categories with their subcategories. Of course, from the home page, we couldn’t omit our own recommendations on restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs etc.

In the lower part of the home page, there is the photo gallery where the thumbnails of the photos submitted by our registered users are displayed. If you want to upload your own photos and see them there, you only need to register on Santorini-net.com(link) and create your own photo album. Other users will be able to comment on your photos and exchange experiences and ideas with you! Right beneath there are the social networking links (facebook, twitter, delicious etc), the Santorini-net.com(link) content in RSS format and Useful Links in which you may find all the crucial contact information with regard to Santorini.