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Online help of Santorini-net.com

In this website you may find everything you need about Santorini, the famous greek island of unique beauty. Located in the Aegean sea, this paradise on earth waits for you to discover it!

As a simple visitor you can navigate to all available pages and find out about anything you require. The website is divided into general information categories and subcategories, developed in an easy way, in order for the visitors to locate the desired info quickly. The expanded and constantly updated business directory aims to inform you about all business taking place on Santorini (hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs etc). You can also stay informed about the events, the beaches, the history of the island, the day-trips and in general for anything going on there. You can have a first taste of the island by just browsing through the carefully selected photos available. As a general navigation rule, the total amount of the crucial info is only one click away from you, starting from the home page: Santorini-net.com.